We can help you get the deal done.

Large or small, we always deliver top quality service. We offer same day, cost-effective service.

We are strong supporters of small and growing businesses. We work closely with accountants and private financiers and are pleased to make referrals to benefit our corporate clients.

We offer corporate real estate services, also. If you are a business owner looking to buy, sell or refinance a property, please reach out to us for your free, detailed closing quote.


Our standard initial retainers are as follows:

Incorporating a new business

$1,295* + HST

Shareholder’s Agreement

$1,500 + HST

Share Purchase Agreement

$1,500 + HST

Trust Agreement (for corporate, family or estate planning matters)

$500 + HST

Corporate Annuals

$350 + HST

Form 1 Notice of Change and corresponding update to Minute Book Ledgers & Registers

$95 + HST

*clients in the GTA, the legal fee will be $50 higher

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